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Broadmoor Pottery

Friday, October 28th, 2011

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In October of 1933 P.H. Genter, J.B. Hunt, Eric Hellman, and Cecil Jones formed the Broadmoor Art Pottery in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Most of the pottery they produced was not elaborate, and only a handful of pieces were decorated. It is believed that in 1936 this plant was closed and moved to Denver, Colorado.

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Broadmoor pottery features various marks. One is an Egyptian type label depicting two potters (one at the wheel and the other at a pressing machine) and the word Broadmoor. Another is an ink-stamped “Broadmoor Pottery, Colorado Springs (or Denver),
Colorado. The thirds mark is an incised version of the latter. Smaller pieces such as small animals, each about
2” high, are not be marked at all.

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The bottom of all Broadmoor pottery is white and can be either glazed or unglazed. Both matt and high gloss finishes were used as well as a variety of glaze colors.

The company produced many advertising items for local businesses around Denver and as far away as Wyoming.